About Lynn

Expertise and Love for Fashion

I am a Business Woman transitioned to Niche Fashion Stylist.  I am a wife and a Mom of 7 amazing children.  My goal is to help mainly women to define and develop their personal fashion signature. I will equip my clients with the knowledge of what is the absolute best style for them, with body type, skin tones and hair colour,and  their lifestyle in mind. I specialize in makeovers, and chic, unique classy looks that will have heads turning in any setting.

Vision To Celebrate Women

I have a vision to celebrate women who are beautiful from the inside out.

The main purpose of my fashion Blog is to share the stories of women from all walks of life. I endeavour to celebrate their lives, their victories, and their struggles, all of which create the beautiful , loving, giving women that they are.

Do you or a woman you know have The Vogue Factor

We would love to hear from or about these very special women.  A personal interview will be arranged if chosen to be our featured Vogue Woman