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lynnpike Fashion House Covid Prevention Policy

1. Extensive cleaning and use of Commercial Disinfectant Spray, Sterilizing,.

2. Use of fitting rooms is allowed. All garments that are tried on are steamed or ultra violet light sterilized before being returned to the floor.

3. Fashion Consultants maintain awareness of physical distancing, and are required to wear masks when serving clients.

4. Upon entering the Boutique, customers must use hand sanitizer.

5. Masks must be put on before entering the Boutique.

6.Customers should be aware and if possible practice physical distancing.

7. Customers in Shop will be limited to 2-4, dependent upon the customers arriving together, 2-3 if customers enter alone.

8. All Customers must leave the Boutique happier than when they walked in, having received a fabulous and large dose of Fun, Fashion, and Retail Therapy.

                                                                                   Thanks and Enjoy!                                                                                                                                               Lynn Pike