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Celebrating The First Vogue Woman of 2018

Meet Shannon Brain, this is her story

I had not personally met Shannon prior to our interview. I was so inspired and intrigued by the letter that I received from her husband that I knew that she had to be my first Vogue Woman featured for 2018. Her husband stated that his wife was a very special and selfless woman who totally fit the definition of our Vogue Woman. The admiration that flowed through the words and thoughts he shared about his wife would bring tears to any eyes,, and certainly did to mineWomen Redefining “Vogue”, what is defined as popular, favorable, or fashionable at a particular period and time.

Shannon was most definitely a Vogue Woman by this definition. What struck me first upon meeting Shannon in person was her beautiful smile and genuinely sincere eyes. She was very warm and welcoming. She was classy, stylish, but not overstated, and her home was the same. She had on the greatest black blouse with lace shoulders and ruffled bell sleeves, along with frayed chic ankle length jeans, impeccable teal earings, and gold watch with a teal face. I was extremely excited to hear her story and find out what made her who she was. While Shannon lives in a lovely home, with a great husband, 2 beautiful daughters, an awesome career filled with travel and excitement, as well as a pretty healthy clothing budget,,,life wasn’t always so easy. Shannon’s parents divorced early on in her life and she became very close to her Dad. Much of her work ethic and survival mode came from those early teenage years. At the age of 15 her Dad’s rule was that he would no longer buy her anything unnecessary. This only fueled Shannon’s desire to work harder to improve her life, so she worked at Taco Bell until she had a major setback. She would require back surgery at the age of 16. This was not exactly a great age to have deal with such trauma, but it would serve to only make her stronger and more determined to overcome whatever obstacles would come her way in the future. She eventually started waitressing and became a bartender, (where she would meet her husband of now 22 years).

Tragedy would once again come her way. Her Dad, the one person in her life that she could rely on, was diagnosed with throat cancer and had to retire early in his 40’s. She watched, as there was nothing that would get him down. Following surgery, he could no longer speak but that would not stop him, he still golfed up until a sore leg turned into a serious matter of leg amputation. Tragically, Shannon’s dad would pass away from a heart attack at age 64. Shannon would have to muster every bit of strength that she had to move forward, and to survive the loss of her Dad, her rock, her mentor, her inspiration. Shannon was a survivor and survive she did. Shannon would begin to live her life drawing upon the strength, drive, and determination that her Dad imparted to her. Shannon’s heart was full, and she couldn’t help but effortlessly pass on such inspiration. This inspiration is passed on first and foremost to her two very precious daughters who are truly her world. She loves them and wants them to grow up to be strong, smart, passionate, inspiring women and she is teaching them in the best way humanly possible. She is teaching them by example. She is their role model of what a good friend, mother, wife, and compassionate human being should be.

I absolutely cannot neglect to also say she is also a role model for fashion, style, and class! Speaking of which, Shannon also has other passions that are more fun and frivolous, but still provide her friends with joy and inspiration. She said her friends referred to her wardrobe as “Shannon’s Closet”. Shannon is thrilled to share her clothes, jewellery, accessories, whatever she can with anyone who is close enough to be called her friend. I’m not sure who receives more from the experience, her or her friends, but the love is most certainly shared by all.

Shannon shared that she has a fairly new passion inspired by a very precious and beautiful little girl.

Shannon has been instrumental in supporting smaller less recognized charities with yearly fundraisers supporting Angelman Syndrome.

Her best friend’s grand-daughter, Marley is the special little girl in Shannon’s family’s life who was born with this syndrome. She shared that,,Marley has taught them to love unconditionally, that her smile and her laugh light up the room and you can feel her love! They started a hashtag for her #marleysmiles. To them she is truly an angel who has shown them the importance of helping those with disabilities and to help raise awareness to so many causes that are in need of support.

Shannon and her husband are also big supporters and involved in We Care for Kids, raising funds for local children focused organizations.

Last but not least, Shannon has an exciting career. She travels all over the world for business unknowingly shining her light wherever she goes. Shannon started at entry level and worked her way up in her career to a place where at times she is the only Woman in charge. Her goal is to be a role model for women, especially the young women coming up that they can accomplish anything. Shannon had something that she recently felt might hold her back. She did not attain a University Degree. She wanted to prove to herself that she could and also set that example for her two daughters. She has done what to me seems impossible.. she has completed 13 online classes in the last year towards a degree in Business with a Major in Supply Chain Management.

Shannon shared that she had to “learn” to be confident in herself. She had to overcome and mold the very characteristics that made her into the woman she is today. She has always endeavored to learn from her mistakes and to teach her daughters, (her girls), to respect and empower all women as they themselves grow up to be strong, and independant, yet humble women. Her hope is that they will not grow up with regret, wishing they had done it differently. Shannon has and continues to work very hard and puts her heart into everything she does.

Shannon puts her family first. Her husband and daughters are her reason for doing so much of what she does. She is loyal and devoted to the people she loves and shares her life with. She says she is very blessed to have a close-knit group of friends who love and support each other. Shannon has what many of us hope for. She has realized that the trials, conflicts and the difficult times in life provide us with opportunities for personal growth, but more importantly to open our hearts and be there for one another.

Shannon, she truly does inspire us to be the best version of ourselves.

She has been perfected by imperfection. She possesses inner beauty that flows effortlessly outward and we are drawn to her simply by her presence. Life has breathed humility, empathy, and compassion into her soul, and she has a gift. She is truly beautiful from the inside out. She exudes style and confidence. A woman who by our definition, is re-defining what is “Vogue”.. What is defined as popular, favorable, fashionable at “this particular period in time”.

~ lynnpike

I am so grateful to Shannon for her honesty in sharing her story of inspiration. Much thanks and blessings to you Shannon!

If Shannon’s story has been an inspiration to you, your comments are welcome. Perhaps you or someone you know will be our next featured Vogue Woman. If you wish to inspire others with your story, or know of a lady who should be celebrated as a Vogue Woman, please contact via comment or email.

Who will be our next Vogue Woman? Perhaps you!    

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