lynnpike Fashion House | Celebrating Women Who Make a Difference. The “Vogue Factor”.
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Celebrating Women Who Make a Difference. The “Vogue Factor”.

Well it is now almost August 1st and about time for our next featured celebration of the “Vogue Woman”.

I have decided that moving forward this feature will be the main purpose for my blog.  This decision is a result of the many beautiful letters of tribute I have received from husbands, friends, and acquaintances who think a certain lady should be celebrated as a Vogue Woman.  I have been truly inspired and in response, I will be celebrating each of these women by featuring their stories of inspiration and beauty.

As I am interviewing each of these ladies, I am made aware of what an honour it is to be able to share their personal struggles, victories, beauty and presence with you. You will surely be inspired and amazed as you read their stories and get to know what truly makes them tick, what makes them beautiful from the inside out.  I look forward to a sharing as we celebrate these women in a very special way.

My sincerest thanks and gratitude,

~ lynnpike

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