lynnpike Fashion House | The Summer 2018 Vogue Woman Angie Goulet, exudes Style & Elegance
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The Summer 2018 Vogue Woman Angie Goulet, exudes Style & Elegance

Following a recent Vogue Woman Blog Post, I requested submissions of women who fit the lynnpike Vogue Woman Fashion definition. She possesses a Natural Radiance and Grace. She is beautiful both inside and out. Her fashion is merely a reflection of that inward beauty.


Simply stated, “She has a Presence”.


A Woman who is Re-Defining “Vogue” – what is defined as popular, favourable, or fashionable at a particular period and time.

Submissions came flowing in and I am venturing to share the individual Stories  of these very special women. What has created or contributed to this “Presence” that they so uniquely exude?  I am truly excited to share their stories of inspiration and strength with the world, and I am in awe and honoured to be given this opportunity


Meet Angie Pistagnesi Goulet,  our next “Vogue Woman”.                                                                          


Upon meeting Angie, there exists no doubt that she most definitely suits the definition of the “Vogue Woman”and deserves to be celebrated. I discovered that Angie however, could never imagine such a thing. Her humility enveloped every moment of our time together.

This is her story.

Contrary to other names of women submitted for our Vogue Woman, I recognized Angie’s name as I had known her as a little girl in Sunday School at the Church both of our families attended at the time. It was a difficult time for her family as they were dealing with their very premature infant and travelling back and forth to London Ontario to be with her. On one particular Sunday the baby had taken a turn for the worst and Angie came home to be with our family for the day. Their cherished baby girl would ultimately pass and they would rely on their faith in God to see them through. 

I did not really recall much about that time, nor did I realize the impact we had on young Angie’s life. Angie, however very vividly remembered that time in her life.          

When Angie and I spoke prior to our scheduled interview she didn’t hesitate for a moment in her recall of that day. She shared that she looks back on that time as a dark time in her life and our family provided her with some light in the darkness. Some happiness at a sad time, and she fondly remembered that we treated her like one of our own. She was such a precious little girl, how could we not. We just never really know the impact that we have on the lives of others, at any age.

Upon my arrival to Angie’s beautiful home, I was greeted at the door by the Nanny who I came to realize was looked upon more as another member of their family. It just so happened she could cook and bake and look after their precious little girl with love and care. I learned later that it was the only way Angie could have peace in knowing that continuing on in her career as opposed to being a stay at home Mom was a good choice for her. This little girl was her treasured miracle and the decision to return to her career was a not an easy one.

Angie arrived a few minutes after I got there and as I looked around I couldn’t help but notice that this beautiful home, immense as it was, totally reflected “her”. There was an exquisite quality to her decor, so very tasteful, yet somehow simplified.,down-played almost. The home was modern with lots of white, yet still very warm and welcoming.

When Angie walked through the door in her beautiful coat, longish top, tights and stylish wedge black boots, (totally chic) she was greeted by her precious little girl. After taking some time with her, and hugs and kisses, we were able to sit down and chat.

My interview with Angie was all over the place. My ADHD was in full gear. She is such a multi-faceted woman it was easy to be distracted by her many life altering experiences.    She is also a very beautiful woman and she has what I can only describe as a “grace”. Her smile is warm and sincere and seemingly constant. Her eyes are dark brown, penetrating, and peaceful.   She is truly radiant and would light up any room she walked into. Life in all of it’s imperfection, had created perfection.    

Angie initially went to school for Office Administration at 18 and worked in an office from age 19-23. During that time she married the love of her life (as she still refers to him) and at 20 years old she and her husband built their first home, probably never expecting it to be the first of 100’s.  At 23 and 24, more happiness and joy came in abundance. She gave birth to her two sons.  She saw her babies as the greatest gift that God could possibly bestow upon her. She had so much love for her children and her heart would always long for more but for a time she would pursue a career in Real Estate. With her husband building homes, an active career in Real Estate, and raising their 2 boys, their lives became extremely fast paced and busy until they felt a calling upon their lives to go off to Bible College and perhaps a career in Ministry. Having grown up in Church with her Dad being a Pastor, and her Mom very active in the Church as well, her relationship with God was always the most important thing in her life. Angie and her husband decided to sell everything, pack up their boys and move off to Bible College. Life was certainly different. They were living frugally off of their savings, and even though they liked the slower pace they decided after 2 years to return back home to Windsor. 

They basically had to start over upon their return. Angie resumed her career in Real Estate, and her husband resumed Home Building. Angie’s longing for more children became increasingly painful. She had 3 miscarriages in just a few short years. It was a struggle and her heart was broken with each baby she did not have opportunity to know and to love. Dealing with so much loss and sadness combined with the stress on her marriage and family led her to a path of destruction. She had gained an extreme amount of weight and was very unhappy, ultimately turning to extreme dieting, workout and weight loss. She managed to lose all the weight but to the other extreme. She was a sinking, she longed for her babies, that wasn’t going to happen and she had become very bitter. The respect in her relationship was gone and her marriage had come to what she thought was the end.  When she was hanging by a thread she witnessed God reaching down and in spite of everything, keeping her from the destructive path she was on.

Angie and her husband separated and papers had been filed for divorce. She was set to finalize everything after going into the hospital to have a minor surgical procedure. Something went wrong and this minor surgery resulted in massive blood loss and an in and out state of consiousness for a period of ten very critically ill days. At some point during these ten days of sickness and medication she called her husband and asked him to contact the lawyers and put the divorce papers on hold. Although Angie knew that she had done this, she has no memory of the conversation or the days that she had spent in the hospital.

Angie shared that she could not imagine where her life would be had the divorce taken place. She could not imagine being without the man she had been with since she was 14. The one she always called “my guy”, meaning “he just gets me”. That difficult time taught her to lean in when trials come rather than retreat. Her prayer was now for God to give her the grace to lean in for the rest of her life, setting selfishness aside, because that is what you do for those you truly love.

Angie and her husband now had a new vision for their family, their lives, and their business. They began to live by some biblical principals. “Stop chasing the sale, and start caring about the people”.  One day at a time, Angie selling homes, her husband building homes, would ultimately carry them into a very satisfying level of success.  Angie began to build a team of women she described as hard working, strategic, and goal oriented, while sharing a common vision of making a difference as they make their mark in the industry.

Long after the dream of growing her family faded, at the age of 39, Angie gave birth to a precious little miracle. “Gracie” fulfilled the longing, and her dream. The shock was something she, her husband, and her sons at 15 and 16 could never have imagined. She would be the greatest blessing in each of their lives.

Angie has continued to build her team of now more than ten women, and is humbled by the opportunity to work with, and learn from them each and every day.

Angie has a reputation as a “Giver”.  Angie shared the most wonderful, heart warming, rewarding day of the year is when they get to help families at Christmas. Along with the Terra Lavack team and many other sponsors and friends they fill 1000 hampers every year with turkeys and all of the fixings to provide families in need with beautiful Christmas Dinner.

So while I and many others may describe Angie as a fashionista, someone who’s always put together, it is because she most certainly is. Also while Angie would say in a perfect world she would have all Max Mara coats, St. John’s pant suits and Christian Louboutin shoes it is not a luxury that she has. In the winter she’s happy in tights, Stewart Weitzman high wedge boots and sweaters, and in the summer, sundresses and sandals.


Angie’s final comments to me were “In every way I think it is important to be a blessing to every person I meet. Someone once told me that there is no neutral in life. It is either positive or negative. With every exchange you have you don’t have the benefit of leaving neutral. It is either plus or minus, happy or sad or however they may look at it. So if it is a Christmas basket, or eye contact and a smile – I try to be benevolent every chance I get and try to keep myself out of neutral. But I do catch myself falling short of where I hope I will one day be. I see so many other women doing so much better and I applaud them as they inspire me to do so much better.”

“I have never been happier than when I am with my family, or I am on a Mission.”

Angie, she truly does inspire us to be the best version of ourselves.

She has been perfected by imperfection. She possesses inner beauty that flows effortlessly outward and we are drawn to her simply by her presence.

She is real. Age and life’s journey, while imperfect, are not barriers to her. She sees every day as a gift to be embraced. She is comfortable in her skin, she knows who she is.

Life has breathed humility, empathy, and compassion into her soul, and she has a gift. She is truly beautiful from the inside out. She exudes style and confidence. A woman who by our definition, is re-defining what is “Vogue”.. What is defined as popular, favorable, fashionable at “this particular period in time”.

She has the Vogue Factor.

~ lynnpike


I am so grateful to Angie for her honesty in sharing. Her story will truly be an inspiration to so many. Much thanks and God bless you Angie.

If Angie’s story has been an inspiration to you, your comments are welcome. Perhaps you or someone you know will be our next featured Vogue Woman. If you wish to inspire others with your story, or know of a lady who should be celebrated as a Vogue Woman, please contact via comment or email.

Who will be our next Vogue Woman? ….

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